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Bass follow the Schools of Baitfish on the St. John’s River

Nice view while catching largemouth bass.

Nice view while catching Largemouth bass.

April 25, 2015

The new boat ramp is finally open. Just in time too because there both airboat and motor boat traffic has really increased.    I arrived at the north end of Lake Harney and fished the mouth of the St. John’s River just as the sun was rising. There appears to be more and more baitfish showing up.   They are shad and menhaden and the bass are aggressively keyed in on them. The Mirrodine lures match the hatch exactly. I still prefer to Rapala Xrap jerk baits and get more hits on them.

I spoke with a couple other fisherman. One was using live bait and chumming them out the back. It would only take a few minutes before the water erupted with bass blowing them out of the water. This of course was followed by some screaming drag and the light tackle rods bending to the water. I need to use this approach for the kids to keep them interested in fishing with lots of action.

The other fisherman was using a crankbait with limited success. He mentioned both the bait and bass were up the St. Johns around the corner with all of the other boats. I guess that was why I was by myself at first light this morning.

Both fisherman liked the Carolina rig for larger consistent bass.

Katherine gets a rodbender!

Katherine gets a rodbender!

The live bait fisherman caught a couple of striper last weekend. I used the Carolina rig and produced a quick mudfish bite that returned me hookless. This was followed up with a decent bass that was just a hare shore of 15 inches. This was just outside the northern mouth of Harney and St. Johns. I fished at the edge of where the sand bottom meets the grass. It appears to be a little bit of a rocky, shelly bottom and I have seen several other boats fishing there and catching fish! I will fish this again. Another keeper bass was produced just south SR 46.

All in all not a bad day except for the boat had to go to the mechanic because it was not running right. Probably because of water in

Another nice bass for The Native Floridian.

Another nice bass for The Native Floridian.

the fuel. I need a water/fuel separator filter.

Water Temp: 80 degrees

Air Temp: 65 – 85 degrees

Wind: SE 6-12 MPH

I caught 3 keeper bass.

Released about 10 other fish.

New MinnKota Riptide ST 80 Ipilot Link Pays off with 6 Pound Largemouth Bass

It looks like all of tLargemouth Basshe hard work and money have paid off!    My new MinnKota Riptide ST 80 with IPilot Link is awesome.  The ease at which I am able to target fish at structure along the shore with the auto pilot feature is amazing.   Or how I was able to bag this bass as she was chasing down a school of shad I was chasing her down.  She was so aggressive I believe she swallowed the crankbait as it was entering the water on my long cast.   She hammered the Rapala XRap and I set the hook hard.  Instinct took over as I gained control over the fish I turned my attention to the spot lock feature on the IPilot.  With the press of one button I no longer had to worry about my boat drifting into the channel and way of other boats or bumping a marker as the St. Johns River pushed me north.   I could concentrate all of my attention on the task at hand, landing this fish!

I was rusty on panic and got lucky bringing her to the boat green and attempting a rookie swipe with the net sending the bass under the boat and almost into my new trolling motor!!!!   That would have been a crappy story with my first worthy largemouth cut off by new trolling motor.   Thankfully that did not happen and I was able to regroup and guide this beauty into the net.

It looks like she got lucky in life and gave a piece of her tail to get this big.  Then I got lucky because if she had a full tail that rookie mistake at the boat would have cost me.

Love my IPilot and my wife for letting me go fishing at O dark 30!



Hacked – Wayne Roth Photography Blog Salvage

Yes, you probably guessed but my WordPress Blog was hacked a few weeks ago.  My site that I have had for over 10 years was now considered a Malicious Attack Site!   Yikes, complete with viruses.  So I saved what I could and moved the domain hosting over to GoDaddy.  Then I beefed up my password and made sure I was operating on the latest WP platform with all plugins updated.

Now maybe I can get back to the basics of Wayne Roth, The Native Floridian Photography.

I heard a great term the other day.  It is a brand called “Escape Artist”.  What a great way to think of photographers.  We are the best at getting lost in nature, doing what we love, and making money.  With your camera, an internet connection, and a computer you can live your dream anywhere in the world becoming a true Escape Artist.

Sometimes the nearest escape is out my front door.  The spring time is a special time of year.  Especially when you are talking Turkey!  I was privileged to observe some distracted Tom’s the other day.  While they put on a show for the ladies I captured a couple of pictures for my collection!


Bald Eagle Bird Photography from a Florida River

It was a beautiful afternoon just right for taking pictures and going for a little airboat ride down the Econlockhatchee River.  Bald Eagles can make for some great Florida Photography. You never know sometimes you just get lucky and this turned out to be one of those times.  I have spent over 12 years riding on the St. John’s River and it’s tributaries.  To date I have only captured a few poor quality Bald Eagle pictures.  This time my wife and I were going for a little airboat ride down the Econ heading for some dinner at the Jolly Gator.  We stopped along the way to cast a plastic worm or two just to see if the bass were biting.  They were not.  So we fired the airboat back up and continued our ride.  As we rounded this bend there was a tall, leafless tree with Spanish Moss hanging off of it.  Almost to the top, silhouetted by the blue sky, perched a spetacular Bald Eagle!   He was beautifully lit from the golden glow of the setting sun.  Just the site of this eagle on his perch would have been worth the trip because we drove right by him and he did not fly giving us an incredible view!  So, going for broke, I turned the boat back around in hopes that he would not fly.  As luck would have it he did not fly and just sat there as I drove past again!   What luck I was having.  So I pulled off to the side of the flowing river and took my camera gear out of it’s protective case, a Rubbermaid container.  I usually don’t have my camera around my neck when I am driving because most of the pictures from a moving airboat, while driving and using a large lense, Canon 100-400 4.5-56 to be exact, do not make for great pictures. 

So I fired the airboat up once again for the money shot.  I idled right up to the bird, steadied the camera the best I could and took a couple of pictures.  Then I decided I would shut the boat off and get a couple more.  As soon as I killed the engine the Bald Eagle flew!  I few more shots and that was it!  Some of the in-camera pictures looked pretty good but the true test would come after the upload to the computer.

These are the pictures I came away with and they are my best Bald Eagle pictures.  A little bit of luck, a camera, and boat ride can go a long way sometimes.  My Florida Photography and bird photography has now been elevated to a whole new level.

Florida Photography at its Best!

It was a cool 49 degree morning which was a little unseasonal for mid April but great for an airboating adventure down the Econ River and out into the St. Johns River.  The water was as smooth as glass and with all of the rain and warmer temperatures everything was green and blooming.  Perfect for some Florida Photography.  Florida Photography Cabbage Palms

The first surprise that came up around the first bend, nestled in a tight corner with lots of overhanging trees making it nearly impossible to maneuver the airboat for a picture, were some yellow wildflowers (never got close enough to identify them) growing out of the top of a dead cabbage palm that was mostly submerged in the dark water.  I will be going back this weekend and take a beautiful reflective picture with bright green foliage in the background.

Around every corner was something new.  There were small alligators, large alligators and even one over 10’!  Of course we picked that spot to stop the boat and take a few cast for some bass.  It seemed like there were bald eagles everywhere including some immature birds gliding along the treetops.Florida Photography Airboat Maureen

Painted turtles were splashing into to water off of their log perch.  Lots of soft shell turtles with their long necks and flat shell were sunning themselves in many locations.

The twists and turns of the Econ finally gave way to the cabbage palm island marking the end of the Econ and the beginning of the St. Johns River just south State Road 46.  I started heading south when something caught my eye.  It was a couple of beautiful Black-necked Stilts.  With my trusty Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and 100-400 4.5-5.6 L Zoom lens, I stepped into the mud and water with my flops to put the Florida Cracker sneak on them.  Well, there was no sneak because we arrived via airboat, and there was not flops as I left one in each mud hole as I took my first two steps.

I was able to get a couple of good pictures of the stilts and even managed to photograph some surprise birds as I was knee deep in the mud.  A flock of Short-billed dowitchers, a Lesser Yellowlegs, and some Caspian Terns paid me a visit.  All great pictures and if it was not for the camera I would have had trouble identifying them.

All in all a gorgeous day topped off with a fly-by from an Amelia above heifer mound as the Seminole County Airboat Club assembled for a poker run.  I will be back next weekend capturing that Florida Photography.  Remember to bring the camera so you can “Preserve Your Adventure”.

Dog Agility Fun – Dog Photography

I’m not sure who had more fun, Brody, Norma, or me capturing all the Dog Photography.  Norma is the owner of  The Canine Center ( Dog Boarding Orlando ).  It was a pleasure to visit her agility training center and get to meet and photograph her Border Collie Brody.  So sit back, fasten your seat belt and get ready to go fast!

Dogs are an Important Part of Photography

Dog Photography - German ShepherdSometimes inspiration hits in the early morning sunshine when your are dealing with Dog Photography.  The cold front had pushed its way through and the gray skies gave way to blue.  An early morning glow from the sun was peaking through the trees and the air was just right for taking pictures.   There was a new beautiful German Shepherd playing in the front yard.  His name is Zeek.  My mother in law signed to be a puppie raiser for Fidelco and this is the pup she was assigned.  Zeek is to be a future service dog and makes a very handsome subject.  So with a few doggie treats and some gentle persuasion were able to get him to sit still long enough for a couple of portraits.  That was an amazing feat in itself because he is one of those typical pups that has ants in his pants and just can not sit still for anything.Dog Photography - Pudelpointer

Since the lighting conditions were good I had to get my old faithful camera shy buddy himself, Taz the Pudelpointer, in for some of the photography action.  He is 6 and usually listens quite well but for some reason will get a little camera shy.  He just doesn’t like to stare at the camera.  My trusty assistant hits the squeeky ball a couple of times and I manage to get a look or two.  Unfortunately I should have been packing my drool rag to wipe his face.  That pond water is just so tasty and too irresistible!  So where would I be without the inspiration of some of our finest four-legged friends.  I would feel a little out of place in the world dog photography without a dog and I am not about to let that happen.

Why All The Long Faces – Horse Photography

As an avid horse photographer, mainly because my wife competes in Reining and Ranch Horse Versatility events, horse photography comes naturally.  Horses make some of the best subjects to photograph.  Hanging around the barn I have captured quite a few long faces so I decided to put a little clip together to show off some of the horses that are seen and ridden on a daily basis at Najorka Performance Horses.  Florida Photography does have it’s perks because I can photograph horses all year long without freezing my fingers off.  The only challenge that I have from time to time is having to photograph a dark horse with a rider wearing light clothing!  It kind of brings me back to the days when I did more wedding photography, you know the bride in all white and the groom in all black!   Speaking of formal events, I am booking horse photography events.  Please give Wayne Roth a call if you are in the Florida area and we will see if we can work you into our schedule.

Florida Photography in Cancun – Who Would Know?

Florida Photography in CancunAs a Florida Photographer sometimes I actually get to leave Florida.  This time I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico and got married!  So while I was there getting married to the love of my life I managed to take some pictures. There was a beautiful old lighthouse complete with a shipwrecked little boat on this jagged rock filled peninsula.  This made for some beautiful pictures.  It took several trips to the lighthouse to get the shot I was looking for. I wanted to show a sense of remote and ruggedness of this rocky terrain.  I imagined what it was like before all of the commercialization and tourism came to Cancun. Florida Photography in Cancun Wood Boat

The old boat had been there for years and really started to settle into the sand.  It made for a great foreground object adding some depth to the picture.  The sunrise, well it speaks for itself.  It’s not really spectacular but I never get tired of a beautiful sunrise picture.  I thing the most enjoyable part of the picture was taking it. I packed all of my gear, slung it over my back and headed out.  It was a quiet cool walk along the beach from the hotel to the lighthouse point.  I had to duck under docks, climb over rocks, walk through water and sometimes sneaked through the vacant tiki hut bars.  When I arrived at the rocky point the wind was in my face and the sun was just poking its head up from the horizon.  As I unpacked my camera gear I realized I had made an almost fatal mistake.  My camera equipment and most importantly my lens fogged up instantly.   With the extreme humidity and the sub zero temperature of the hotel room, I think our thermostat was broken, my dry lens cloth did not stand a chance.  So after the longest few minutes of hugging my camera very closely in an attempt to warm it up enough so the condensation would stop, I was finally able to start capturing some images.  The sunrise was one of those pictures that reminded me of Florida Photography. Florida Photography in Cancun Sunrise

Once again, if you put the pictures to music and animate them and something magical happens.

Orlando Photographer – Wayne Roth Photography

Florida Photography - Whistler BC

Wayne Roth is a Native Floridian and a graduate of the University of Florida. He possesses a General Contractors license, a Captains License, and Scuba / Nitrox Diving Certifications.  He has a passion for outdoor activities including photography, surfing, hunting, fishing, jogging and mountain biking. Photography, however is one of his true loves.  He has been on top of the world, packing his photography gear to the snow capped peak of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia to capture a winter wonderland.

Florida Photography Pacific Sailfish

He has also been to the middle of the globe taking spectacular photographs of leaping Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin off the mountainous coast of Cost Rica.

Dog Photography - Pudelpointer

Florida Photography - Wayne Roth Photographer

His love for dogs has inspired his dog photography and countless portraits and action shots of his favorite four legged companion, Taz the Pudelpointer. He strives to find simple, easy ways to implement little changes in his lifestyle that improve his health through exercise and proper nutrition in order to keep his photography skills at their sharpest.  So if your pet photography, beach photography or any other kind of Florida photography requires a Florida Native with local knowledge or your Florida Photographer requirements are a little on the extreme please give Wayne a call at 407-497-5450.
“Preserve Your Adventure”

© – Copyright – TNF, Inc. – Wayne Roth – All rights reserved worldwide.

Dog Photography Animoto Style

Dog Photography is one of my favorite types of Florida Photography to take.  You never quite know what your four-legged subject is going to do.  So get the camera setting right, the correct lighting and shoot, shoot, shoot.  I am a little biased about dog photography because I have a dog of my own.  Nothing against cat owners but dogs are just more photogenic.  I’m sure that can be argued and I will take a little flack from some of the cat lovers out there.  Back to my dog.  His name is Taz and he is a 6 year old Pudelpointer.  A Poodle What!?  Yes, a Pudelpointer.  This is a German Versatile Hunting dog breed that has been around for over 100 years.  He is very easy to photograph as long as he is distracted.  However if you point the camera at him he gets camera shy and looks away.

With all of these pictures of dogs that I have taken over the years, I found a great way to show them off.  Animoto, the quick and easy way to put together a professional video bringing your still images to live.  Enjoy some of my dog photography.

Wayne Roth
The Native Floridian
“Preserve Your Adventure”

Animated Horse Photography – Reining Fun

This was a fun little trip over to Mims for the North Brevard Horseman’s Club’s reining event, where I engaged in some Horse Photography. With all of the horse photography that I take you have to find different ways of displaying the pictures. I was introduced to Animoto about 6 months ago. What an awesome web based program where you can put your pictures to music for free! However the free version is just a short clip and only a few pictures but for $30 a year you can make much longer videos. They have other upgrade options that get even better for the professional. That reminds me, I will have to post my high resolution version of my wedding that my wife and I put together. Squirrel. (If you have seen the movie UP, then you will know what that means.)

Animoto recently introduced video clips into their software. Before you could only upload pictures and now you can share both still pictures and video clips in their program! So this was my first attempt at putting both still pics and video clips together and I think it came out quite well. A little video add a little twist and really livens up the slide show. Plus the music, the music is great and there is a wide selection.

So sit back, kick your spurs off and enjoy a little horse photography called Reining Fun.

For some actual horse riding fun visit Horse Riding Training.

Horse Photography at the Najorka Performance Horses

Horse Photography Colorful BallYou never really know what king of horse photography you are in for when you head to the Najorka Performance Horses where they have riding, training, reining, and ranch horse versatility.  My wife leases a horse from Ken so I am always being asked to got to the barn.  I think everybody knows I usually bring my camera and sometimes I even get some good pictures.  Today was no exception.   The sun was finally getting low in the west and the golden light was fast approaching.  To make matters even better the horses were playing ball today with a very colorful sphere to say the least!  I stayed outside of the training area and used my 100-400 lens at first.  The pictures were ok but as a friend of mine always said, “If your pictures are good enough, you are not close enough.”  So I opted for my 24-70mm 2.8 and got in close.

Horse Photography BallHorse Photography Ball

For more information on riding or training visit Najorka Performance Horses Blog – Horse Riding Training. And of course don’t forget to call me for any of your Horse Photography needs.

Never Ending Citrus Freeze – Florida Photography

Florida Photography - Indoor Digital ThermometerWhen will it end?  The Citrus Freeze of 2010 has been brutal on my trees.  Central Florida is not supposed to get this cold this many times.  About a month ago most of the fruit froze completely and has fallen to the ground along with the leaves.  Florida Photography has many challenges, the least of which we anticipate to be cold weather.  Frozen Fingers, running noses, and those dreaded poor performing cold batteries!   Nothing renders a camera useless more quickly than the extreme cold.  I’m not sure if this qualifies as extreme but in Florida it is extreme for this much cold for this long.  This is the second day with overnight temperatures being in the twenty’s.  We just had a little warm up, a little rain and some new fresh green growth on my fruit trees!!!  Yea! They are not dead.  Well at least not yet.  If this keeps up, the Winter Warlock will be as bad at pruning the fruit trees fresh green growth as those hungry little deer.  Hopefully that was the last of the arctic blast from the frozen north and the fresh citrus buds will soon be followed by blossoms and their aromatic smell.  Until then this Native Florida Photographer will try to keep warm and always have an extra battery or two in my pocket because a cold dead battery never did a camera any good.  Florida Photography - Citrus Branch with Frost

Mutton Snapper Fishing with a Florida Photographer

Being into Florida Photography you never know what I am going to have to do to get that picture. This time we had to catch the fish, throw an energy drink in the picture, take a drink, yuk! And then catch another fish. These were some huge mutton snappers too! Lots of fun making the video!  I did cheat a little because the boat belonged to my dad and the other person in the picture was my brother.  We have been fishing the reefs off Palm Beach County since we were born there.  We even had a picture of the family and our old Robalo boat on the front page of a fishing magazine!  It’s kind of ironic that it is I who is behind the camera taking the pictures of the people in the magazines now.  I have several of my fishing pictures published with Sport Fishing Magazine.  So if you have a fishing adventure that you are about to embark upon and you want to “Preserve Your Adventure” then give me a call.  The Native Floridian himself, Florida Photography at it’s best!