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Dog Agility Fun – Dog Photography

I’m not sure who had more fun, Brody, Norma, or me capturing all the Dog Photography.  Norma is the owner of  The Canine Center ( Dog Boarding Orlando ).  It was a pleasure to visit her agility training center and get to meet and photograph her Border Collie Brody.  So sit back, fasten your seat belt and get ready to go fast!

Dogs are an Important Part of Photography

Dog Photography - German ShepherdSometimes inspiration hits in the early morning sunshine when your are dealing with Dog Photography.  The cold front had pushed its way through and the gray skies gave way to blue.  An early morning glow from the sun was peaking through the trees and the air was just right for taking pictures.   There was a new beautiful German Shepherd playing in the front yard.  His name is Zeek.  My mother in law signed to be a puppie raiser for Fidelco and this is the pup she was assigned.  Zeek is to be a future service dog and makes a very handsome subject.  So with a few doggie treats and some gentle persuasion were able to get him to sit still long enough for a couple of portraits.  That was an amazing feat in itself because he is one of those typical pups that has ants in his pants and just can not sit still for anything.Dog Photography - Pudelpointer

Since the lighting conditions were good I had to get my old faithful camera shy buddy himself, Taz the Pudelpointer, in for some of the photography action.  He is 6 and usually listens quite well but for some reason will get a little camera shy.  He just doesn’t like to stare at the camera.  My trusty assistant hits the squeeky ball a couple of times and I manage to get a look or two.  Unfortunately I should have been packing my drool rag to wipe his face.  That pond water is just so tasty and too irresistible!  So where would I be without the inspiration of some of our finest four-legged friends.  I would feel a little out of place in the world dog photography without a dog and I am not about to let that happen.

Orlando Photographer – Wayne Roth Photography

Florida Photography - Whistler BC

Wayne Roth is a Native Floridian and a graduate of the University of Florida. He possesses a General Contractors license, a Captains License, and Scuba / Nitrox Diving Certifications.  He has a passion for outdoor activities including photography, surfing, hunting, fishing, jogging and mountain biking. Photography, however is one of his true loves.  He has been on top of the world, packing his photography gear to the snow capped peak of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia to capture a winter wonderland.

Florida Photography Pacific Sailfish

He has also been to the middle of the globe taking spectacular photographs of leaping Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin off the mountainous coast of Cost Rica.

Dog Photography - Pudelpointer

Florida Photography - Wayne Roth Photographer

His love for dogs has inspired his dog photography and countless portraits and action shots of his favorite four legged companion, Taz the Pudelpointer. He strives to find simple, easy ways to implement little changes in his lifestyle that improve his health through exercise and proper nutrition in order to keep his photography skills at their sharpest.  So if your pet photography, beach photography or any other kind of Florida photography requires a Florida Native with local knowledge or your Florida Photographer requirements are a little on the extreme please give Wayne a call at 407-497-5450.
“Preserve Your Adventure”

© – Copyright – TNF, Inc. – Wayne Roth – All rights reserved worldwide.

Dog Photography Animoto Style

Dog Photography is one of my favorite types of Florida Photography to take.  You never quite know what your four-legged subject is going to do.  So get the camera setting right, the correct lighting and shoot, shoot, shoot.  I am a little biased about dog photography because I have a dog of my own.  Nothing against cat owners but dogs are just more photogenic.  I’m sure that can be argued and I will take a little flack from some of the cat lovers out there.  Back to my dog.  His name is Taz and he is a 6 year old Pudelpointer.  A Poodle What!?  Yes, a Pudelpointer.  This is a German Versatile Hunting dog breed that has been around for over 100 years.  He is very easy to photograph as long as he is distracted.  However if you point the camera at him he gets camera shy and looks away.

With all of these pictures of dogs that I have taken over the years, I found a great way to show them off.  Animoto, the quick and easy way to put together a professional video bringing your still images to live.  Enjoy some of my dog photography.

Wayne Roth
The Native Floridian
“Preserve Your Adventure”