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Archive for the ‘Horse Photography’ Category

Why All The Long Faces – Horse Photography

As an avid horse photographer, mainly because my wife competes in Reining and Ranch Horse Versatility events, horse photography comes naturally.  Horses make some of the best subjects to photograph.  Hanging around the barn I have captured quite a few long faces so I decided to put a little clip together to show off some of the horses that are seen and ridden on a daily basis at Najorka Performance Horses.  Florida Photography does have it’s perks because I can photograph horses all year long without freezing my fingers off.  The only challenge that I have from time to time is having to photograph a dark horse with a rider wearing light clothing!  It kind of brings me back to the days when I did more wedding photography, you know the bride in all white and the groom in all black!   Speaking of formal events, I am booking horse photography events.  Please give Wayne Roth a call if you are in the Florida area and we will see if we can work you into our schedule.

Animated Horse Photography – Reining Fun

This was a fun little trip over to Mims for the North Brevard Horseman’s Club’s reining event, where I engaged in some Horse Photography. With all of the horse photography that I take you have to find different ways of displaying the pictures. I was introduced to Animoto about 6 months ago. What an awesome web based program where you can put your pictures to music for free! However the free version is just a short clip and only a few pictures but for $30 a year you can make much longer videos. They have other upgrade options that get even better for the professional. That reminds me, I will have to post my high resolution version of my wedding that my wife and I put together. Squirrel. (If you have seen the movie UP, then you will know what that means.)

Animoto recently introduced video clips into their software. Before you could only upload pictures and now you can share both still pictures and video clips in their program! So this was my first attempt at putting both still pics and video clips together and I think it came out quite well. A little video add a little twist and really livens up the slide show. Plus the music, the music is great and there is a wide selection.

So sit back, kick your spurs off and enjoy a little horse photography called Reining Fun.

For some actual horse riding fun visit Horse Riding Training.

Horse Photography at the Najorka Performance Horses

Horse Photography Colorful BallYou never really know what king of horse photography you are in for when you head to the Najorka Performance Horses where they have riding, training, reining, and ranch horse versatility.  My wife leases a horse from Ken so I am always being asked to got to the barn.  I think everybody knows I usually bring my camera and sometimes I even get some good pictures.  Today was no exception.   The sun was finally getting low in the west and the golden light was fast approaching.  To make matters even better the horses were playing ball today with a very colorful sphere to say the least!  I stayed outside of the training area and used my 100-400 lens at first.  The pictures were ok but as a friend of mine always said, “If your pictures are good enough, you are not close enough.”  So I opted for my 24-70mm 2.8 and got in close.

Horse Photography BallHorse Photography Ball

For more information on riding or training visit Najorka Performance Horses Blog – Horse Riding Training. And of course don’t forget to call me for any of your Horse Photography needs.