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Eye Floaties – Can you Slow, Stop or Even Eliminate Them?

My eyes are the most important piece of photography equipment I own.  I have always had floaties or floaters in my eyes.  We are going to find out if you can do something about floaties.  But first some people might want to what an eye floatie is. Eye floaties are clumps of debris that float about in the vitreous cavity of your eye. They cast off a shadow on your retina which shows up as a floatie when you view an unpatterened surface or background such as a blue sky. As your eye moves your eye, the eye floaties appear to move with your line of site. Even though the floaties are normal, they can be quite bothersome. Some learn to live with them, but if they are causing problems for you, some poeple claim you can take steps to improve them and even clear them up all together.  I figure I would be a great test case.

I have had floaties for a long time.  They were barely noticeable back when I was about 6 and lying on the front seat of the boat seasick staring at the sky or the white fiberglass side of the boat.  I would notice a couple of objects that appeared to be floating in my eye.  That was when I first discovered them.

They have not been a problem for me.  However they have become more noticeable over the last 2 or 3 years.  I do notice that they fluctuate getting better and worse throughout the year.  For the last two years my diet and lifestyle has also gotten better and worse.

So being this is the beginning of a new year, why not do a little test and see if I can get some improvements with the amount of eye floaties as well as my vision.  This way as I clean up my diet and lifestyle I will document vision changes.

Let’s start with the basic statistics.  I am 41 year old, 6′-2″, 196 pounds (after two months of holiday gorging) and have noticeable eye floaties when I stare at a blue sky, a white wall, or my computer screen with a blank document.  With my left eye my vision clears up enough to read at 7″ from my face and with my right eye the vision clears up at about 12 or 13″.  So, No reading glasses for me and my arms are plenty long enough.  I can see close to 20-20 with both eyes open.

I have noticed in the past that my vision appeared to get better and colors became more vivid as I cleaned up my diet and ate much more raw fruits and vegetables.

So here is what we are starting with now that the statistics have been set, including my nutritional photography equipment that I take for my eyes, GHP Sport and Bazi.

  • I am going to continue to take GHP Sport every night before bed and three times a week prior to exercise.
  • I am also going to keep takingBazi1.5 oz twice a day.  (Once in the morning and another time later in the day.)
  • 30 minutes of cardio exercise 6 times a week.  (I am easily doing this 3 times a week already.)
  • Eat one salad per day.
  • Eat One orange/grapefruit in the morning.
  • Start off with a 50% cooked and 50% raw food intake.
  • Attempt to get 30 minutes of sunshine each day with as much skin exposed as possible.

That should be a good start.

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