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Florida Photography in Cancun – Who Would Know?

Florida Photography in CancunAs a Florida Photographer sometimes I actually get to leave Florida.  This time I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico and got married!  So while I was there getting married to the love of my life I managed to take some pictures. There was a beautiful old lighthouse complete with a shipwrecked little boat on this jagged rock filled peninsula.  This made for some beautiful pictures.  It took several trips to the lighthouse to get the shot I was looking for. I wanted to show a sense of remote and ruggedness of this rocky terrain.  I imagined what it was like before all of the commercialization and tourism came to Cancun. Florida Photography in Cancun Wood Boat

The old boat had been there for years and really started to settle into the sand.  It made for a great foreground object adding some depth to the picture.  The sunrise, well it speaks for itself.  It’s not really spectacular but I never get tired of a beautiful sunrise picture.  I thing the most enjoyable part of the picture was taking it. I packed all of my gear, slung it over my back and headed out.  It was a quiet cool walk along the beach from the hotel to the lighthouse point.  I had to duck under docks, climb over rocks, walk through water and sometimes sneaked through the vacant tiki hut bars.  When I arrived at the rocky point the wind was in my face and the sun was just poking its head up from the horizon.  As I unpacked my camera gear I realized I had made an almost fatal mistake.  My camera equipment and most importantly my lens fogged up instantly.   With the extreme humidity and the sub zero temperature of the hotel room, I think our thermostat was broken, my dry lens cloth did not stand a chance.  So after the longest few minutes of hugging my camera very closely in an attempt to warm it up enough so the condensation would stop, I was finally able to start capturing some images.  The sunrise was one of those pictures that reminded me of Florida Photography. Florida Photography in Cancun Sunrise

Once again, if you put the pictures to music and animate them and something magical happens.

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